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BONA is a specialized company in smart pen. We provide display pen solutions optimized for various display environments. As a technology innovation company, BONA offers state-of-the-art display pen solutions for smartphones, tablets, and various partners creating new digital environments.

Diverse Digital Environment

New Smart Pen Solution for Display

Digitally connecting new worlds


Our core technology makes it easier to record digital materials on displays in various environments

BONA’s display pen is compatible with various apps around the world.


Provides a dedicated app to provide an environment where users can store and share recorded data.


BONA’s Core Solutions

Simple Transition of Digital Information

Easily convert the letters you wrote into digital and use them in various software such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.


BONA’s Display Pen Technology

BONA's new display pen technology provides a solution to use digital pens for displays in various environments. This solution allows users to create digital data more easily and quickly. It also supports higher work efficiency with support for various applications.


With constant change and dynamic innovation,

we will create a new digital value and history of BONA's display pen technology.

About us

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